In the pursuit of your objectives, the solutions that we offer to our clients match perfectly to their needs because at IBE we never lose sight of what we believe to be the fundamental principles in our work:

  • Professionality
  • Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Transparency

Every new project is preceeded by a quotation detailing the cost of the service and the time required to complete it from the date of commencement. The project will only start if the commercial offer is accepted and the terms and conditions of the supplier have been countersigned by the client and returned to IBE.

We fully abide by and respect the contractual conditions of the project and its deadline, as agreed on in the quotation.

The confidentiality of the translations that we provide are of utmost importance to IBE. All of our translators sign confidentiality agreements that protect our clients privacy and all documentation supplied to IBE by our clients remains strictly confidential.

A guarantee of this is provided by IBE's adherence to the Code of Conduct, as defined by the Chamber of Commerce in Milan.