The UNI EN 15038:2006 standard


EN 15038:2006 is a specific European standard designed to define the translation process and provide translation service providerswith a set of procedures and requirements to meet in the provision of that service.

The requirements of this standard cover the areas of human and technical resources, project and quality management, client relationships and translation service procedures.

The human resources section focuses primarily on the professional skills of translators and editors: their linguistic mastery of  both the source and target languages; their technical and research competence, particularly in the use of tools for information acquisition and processing; and their cultural competence with respect to behavioral standards and locale.

In addition to having the technical resources necessary to carry out projects, translation service providers are required to have a documented quality management system, including a statement of quality system objectives, a process for monitoring the quality of supplied translations and a process for handling information and material received from clients.

The fact that IBE was one of the first european companies to be  EN 15038 certified is confirmation of the high qualitative standards of service that we provide to our clients. We guarantee:

  • projects carried out by at least two professionals: a fully qualified and experieced translator, and a skilled revisor
  • specialized revisions performed by experts in the subject being translated
  • a skilled Project Manager with access to the tools needed for process management