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IBE offers a range of editorial solutions that are available  with its translation service, or seperately:

Proofreading: a service dedicated to the reading and final correction of draft documentation. Particular attention is placed on typographical and spelling mistakes, punctuation, errors in grammar and inconsistencies in the use of formal/informal language;

Editing: the preparation and/or arrangement of materials in documents prior to final proof reading and publication, such as with manuscripts, brochures, manuals and theses. This service is particularly useful when the document requires significant revision and/or reworking prior to being accepted for publication;

Copywriting: this service is often performed in parallel with a translation e.g. of marketing and advertising materials, as it necessitates the contextual reformulation and adaptation of text from one language to another while retaining the stylistic concept of the original text.

Technical Writing: a service focused on the preparation, structuring, creation and editing of the content to be used in the production of technical documents. Our writers act as a "bridge" between technicians, project designers and end users by interviewing the aforementioned and producing a final product that meets the clients pre-requisites in terms of content, structure and consolidated technical editorial;

Multilingual PDF: the production of a single pdf file for clients who require their catalogues, manuals, company brochures and other forms of documentation to be available in an interactive multilingual computer format. This service has cost advantage to clients as the end user merely selects the desired language of their choice  without the need for installing alternate language versions;

Desktop Publishing: from planning to realisation and impagination; a service for all types of document: brochures, flyers, posters, manuals, catalogues, presentations, books etc;

Audio/Video Transcriptions: a transcription service for audio and/or video materials that is available in all languages.

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