Interpreting is the activity of mediating and facilitating language communication, either simultaneously or consequtively, between two or more users of different languages.

For many companies that operate on the international market the access to information is unrestrcted, the language of that information is often the restriction.

Our clients have access to a team of professional interpreters, who in addition to their language skills and academic qualifications, are competent in many specifical technical and scientific sectors and who have years of experience in helping our clients to overcome the challenges of every type of situation that they face: conventions, exhibitions, meetings, congresses, business lunches and dinners.

At IBE, our interpreters can provide complete national and international coverage in all regions.

If requested, we can supply interpreters booths, microfones and receivers as part of our service.


Our services comprise:

  • Simultaneous Interpreting
  • Consecutive Interpreting
  • Whispered Interpreting (chuchotage)
  • Interpreting Meetings (talks, negotiations, visits)
  • Online Interpreting