The modern world has long been shaped by the global economic market. While this created an ever increasing global need for useable products and services available to all, the same products and services must also meet the cultural, linguistic and regulatory technical specifications of each country.

The search for such conformity is termed localization.

According to the Localisation Industry Standards Association, localization is the second phase of a larger adaptive process termed Internationalism and Localization.  Internationalism (I18N) refers to products/services designed for the global market and thus devoid of cultural or language-specific content.  Localization (L10N) adds cultural and linguistic components to such internationalized products/services e.g. by conforming the language of a software interface to the needs of a specific domestic market or user. Globalization (G11N) incorporates planning strategies and frameworks designed to reduce costs and problems by providing uniform guidance on localization efforts.

IBE, thanks to the various localization solutions available, is able to render any product, web site or document into a localized adaptation that is perfectly suited to its destination market, its language and its culture.

The localization solutions we provide include:

  • Marketing and Advertising documentation
  • Web Sites
  • Software
  • Online documentation
  • Packaging