At IBE the guarantee of quality is not synonymous with high prices.

The excellent quality/price ratio that we offer to our clients is based on our ability to reduce costs while maintaining the highest possible standards thanks to our outstanding organisational skills and technical proficiency:

  • Technology: the tools we use have a significant positive impact on our productivity, meaning lower costs to the client.
  • Trust: a client placing their trust in the translations we have provided reduces costs; future translations cost less as  words and phrases previously translated are automatically recognised and translated from memory.
  • Ad Hoc agreements: If our clients have large continuous volumes of work, savings of upto 30% can be made by agreement on a personalised plan at competitive prices.
  • Planning: when possible, we ask our clients to plan their work requirements in advance in order to eliminate the cost of any urgent translation.


At IBE you will find the best possible relationship
between quality and the most competitive prices.