Understanding the impact that translations have on the perception of the quality of products and services sold by companies is often overlooked by the suppliers of translation services. In contrast, many companies that operate and sell their products and services internationally are all to aware that less than perfect translations often have a negative influence on their business and their image.

This is why at IBE we guarantee uniformity in every translation by ensuring that the terminology used is consistent and adheres to the language of your business.

The end product is cohesion between people, internal departments and in the realisation of large-scale projects requiring multilingual communication between companies.


For this purpose, we offer:

  • Company Glossaries: tools believed to increase terminological uniformity in company communications. Upon request, clients can be supplied with ad hoc glossaries specific to any category such as products, specialist sectors etc.
  • Style Guides: definitive definitions of the conventions used in the drafting of specific documents or projects.


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